Sunday, October 2, 2011

Get With Rhythm (With Training Invite and Bonus Video!)

Run Day
time- 45:16
distance- 4.79mi

Sunday's are about cruising. I'm trying to use my mindset from my century training to help me get into some kind of longer run groove. But just calling 4.8 miles a "longer run" is kind of annoying. Goal going forward is to get back to 5 or 6 miles on regular days and closer to 8 on long days. All without sacrificing speed. There has been a serious lack of run-centric training recently and now things need to balance back out.
I took yesterday off, no long ride. It had been over a month of early mornings and hours on end in the saddle so I decided I earned a lazy Saturday. But I did go see the Star Trek reboot in IMAX last night, and I spent the whole time geekily bouncing in my seat, so that has to count for some cardio, right? And no, I'm not sure why they re-released it for this week, but I don't care. Thou shalt not question thy gift of the Kirk.
I have this next week off of school for Fall Break, which means I don't have to wake up pre-dawn for swims. Yay! It also means that I'm planning a training session out at Ko'Olina some time in the next five days to let my body feel the swim-run-swim oddness that is the lagoon portion of the Ko'Olina Sprint Tri. So if anyone wants to join me, send me a message or comment below and we'll work out a time and day. I'd prefer Tues or Thurs, but I'm flexible. The plan is to do two or three repeats of the lagoon course. Maybe a short run afterwards, or a few extra swim laps in one of the lagoons. I'm mostly directing this at Tri Cook and Kepa, because you guys are both registered or thinking about registering for Ko'Olina, but anyone is welcome. Would be fun to do with more people. Sister Dirtbag, this means I'll be near the new Disney resort, so if you want me to look at something let me know. Hmm...I hope parking doesn't suck and ruin my plans.
And now for Special Bonus Video Time! Below is a video from the HBL website of last weekend's Century. Aside from a depressing lack of Dirtbag, which would have upped the Awesomeness Quotient (A.Q.) of the video 666%, it's pretty cool and lets all the non-islanders out there see where I got to ride and get an impression of the sheer numbers I was talking about. Also, the guy raising his hands at 3:32 is the dude I lent one of my spare tubes to near the end.

2011 Century Ride from ELONEIUS on Vimeo.


  1. I want the Aulani Vinylmation...I may even be willing to trade R2 for it...or just send you money, lol. There is also a mickey with surfboard print I know someone we know would love for thier hawaii/disney room.

  2. I would like to do a practice swim at koolina, however, I am evaluating an injury I got from my 15.5 mile race this past Sunday (ING Direct 25K). You can read about it on my blog when I post my race report in a day or two.

    Really liked the video. It is cool that the mayor rode the Century too. Hey, did the guy you lent the spare tube to get a podium spot? It looked like it on the video.

  3. Kepa- Bummer about the injury, dude. Heal quick.And there were no podiums for the century. It was a Ride not a Race, so we didn't have timing chips or anything. Everyone got to stand on that platform and take a finisher picture. Soon I'll post my pictures of standing up there. And the mayor only did the 20 mile ride. But that's better than nothing.

  4. Thanks for the invite but probably won't be able to make it out there. I'd be down if I lived closer and had the week off.