Sunday, September 11, 2011

Slow and Steady Something Something

Run Day
time- 45:30
distance- 4.92mi

Today's run went fairly well. It was short for a Sunday, but I'm building right now. Strange though. Yesterday I rode my bike for 4 hours and 45 minutes. Today I only ran 45 minutes. Makes me feel like a running wuss.
But the run was as smooth as any run I've had recently. My stride was thoughtless and when I did tune in it felt like gliding for the most part. According to Runtastic (linked above) my pace hovered steadily around a 9:20/mi. Not blazing, simply comfortable. That's what I was going for. Today I was also thinking about the recent advice of a barefoot superhero, The Maple Grove Barefoot Guy. His advice: relax your shoulders. This is not mind-blowing advice, I know. But it was one of those things I needed someone else to say to remind me that it's important. Like when your friends remind you to bathe. You think, "Oh yeah! I knew I was forgetting something." So a focus of today's run was relaxing the body. No fists, shoulders loose, shake it out. I think it worked.


  1. Ha! You comfortable pace would be blazing fast for me. Are you doing your runs in VFF?

  2. I run exclusively in my VFF Bikilas. Occasionally barefoot, but not that often. I love those things. We ought to get together and train one day. Its fun to train in a group.

  3. I like to do a run with you folks sometime. You know... the BRS group. However, I don't know if I could keep up with you folks!

  4. Holy smoks, Dirtbag! Your workouts are CRAZY! That would explain the abs. I'm just an ol' lady trying to keep ahead of the next older ol' lady running and walking behind me. And the kids. I can run longer than my kids. So that's something. I'd like ta join yas for a barefoot run one u these days but mebbe I'll just cheer you on and meet ya after and Unclad Lad afters.