Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When the Sun Goes Down on Me

Ride Day
time- 1:15
dist.- 18.5mi

I hate having to ride after meetings. I think I said something along those same lines yesterday. So reread that post then come back here. I'll wait.
Ok, rides are already getting longer. For some of you cyclists out there (are any of you out there?) 18.5mi isn't "long". Well it's as long as I was riding regularly during the last cycle so right now it's long-ish. I'm getting used to it. Adjusting. This is good.
Today wasn't fast, I don't think I'll be finding my fast for a few weeks yet, but it still felt good in the legs. I'm noticing the swim/ride, swim/run, ride start to the week after a ride and run weekend. Not too bad yet, that'll come, but I can feel it. I'm not sore or walking funny, but I bet I could play with my diet and decrease snackage to give the energy levels a more consistent boost. Meetings, like I said, don't help. Having heartburn or something today while climbing didn't help either. But I fought my way up that hill and got it done. In the second lightest gear, no less. Chain is still clicking and jumping so its back to the LBS Saturday after my run to have them look at it again. Everyone repeat after me: "This will be an easy, quick, and cheap fix." If you said it loud enough (especially if you're at work or in a public place) the bike gods will have heard you and will come to my aid.
Early morning swim tomorrow. Bring it.

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