Thursday, January 27, 2011

To Swim and Run is Divine

Swim Day

1 x 150 Warm-up
3 x 200 100-5,7,9/100-swim
4 x 100 Pull
1 x 500
1 x 100 cool down

total- 1750yds

The stroke is coming, slowly but surely its coming. It's not all that fast yet, but it will be.
I like the 5, 7, 9 drill, have I mentioned that? It forces a mental toughness for fight through, "5, 6, 7, wall, flip turn, glide, 8, BREATHE." It helps create stroke efficiency once the panic, "oh no, I can't breathe," is passed (which comes the first time or two through the set but goes away) because the body learns to use oxygen more wisely and you find the smoother stroke that allows that, given the time.
Course, then I did the pull set and found all those holes and hitches in my stroke that need to be patched. Time is our friend.

Run Day
time-25 minutes
distance- ? 3mi?

I'll start keeping distance week after next. Next week according to my training calendar is a rest week, so no need to keep distance then. I ran slightly faster today, feeling out my form with a quicker stride. Feels fine. Foot is sore, but no more than normal. I think I might be living with that now for the rest of my life. Or until I mention it to a doctor, they force an x-ray and say, "Uh, you do realize you gave yourself a hairline fracture years ago and it healed funny, right?" And I say, "mumblemumble triathlon training mumble no time mumble ice."Seriously, I'm sure its fine.
Legs are sore for the first time. Yesterday's ride included a real climb and two inclines that, while not steep, are enough of an angle to notice. Sore is good. Sore means I'm getting stronger. Yay for tomorrow being a rest day.

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