Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Go Run in Traffic

Run Day
time- 20 minutes
distance- 2.45mi

This run was at an 8.5 min/mi pace, which is a good place for me to kick off my run training. I would like to be running eight minute miles come race day. I know thats a big drop from where I am now, especially following a swim and ride, but baring injury I think I can get there. Or I can get close. Better to set the goal a leeetle too high than too low. Reach for the moon and land among the stars and all that.
Today's run felt great. I'm still sensitive about my right foot. There is no pain and no soreness, but I can't hurt it again, it'll drive me nuts. So I think I'm holding back some on the runs, which is ok right now. This is early base training. I shouldn't be pushing too hard anyway, as hard as that is. Strengthen feet. Be confident. Caveman run. Speaking of, I think I'm going to be dialing back the barefoot running to only a few times a month. I like running in my VFFs better, but BFR will keep me on top of my form. So it won't go all the way away, but some.
Today was also supposed to start weight training, but I was feeling a little crappy at school and after and the wife thinks she might have caught something from one of her little darlings so I'd rather put off totally shocking my body and ease into big time training instead. My three triathlon books I got for Christmas will be a big help with that. Time to bust out the highlighter and sticky notes I may have stolen from my classroom.

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