Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting My Run (Calmly) On

Run Day
time- 20 minutes
distance- ? 2 miles?

Today I really tried to focus on conversational breathing and good form. I did not run fast. I did not try to. I tried to be good at being slow. My foot didn't hurt and still doesn't, so that went well. My books all say this is the way to base train and I've gotta go with that. That and this blog from The Fit Life about "putting your fast before your far". Basically getting that form down, then trying to make it go. And I know this. I just have to live it.
It seems crazy to me sometimes that I still have to work on running form. I've been running like this for months. It should be he most natural thing in the world, especially how I do it. But it's not, it has to be learned and relearned. Practiced and fixed and practiced some more. I think my swimming has something to do with that. I have a pretty good stroke, when I'm in shape and have lots of yards under me I have a great stroke (I think). It's down to fixing tiny things to get tiny improvements as far as technique goes once my strength is where it should be to hold that for distances. So I don't worry about my big form so much. I do drill to correct problem spots that I can tell are problems because I've been doing it for so long little things stand out. I haven't been running properly for long enough for the same to be true. Thus the slow build, easy runs, getting my feet together.

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