Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Up That Hill

Ride Day
distance- 16.91mi

Decent ride today. I'm trying not to push too hard right now. My books all say this phase of base training should be done at a conversational effort level. That feels really low to me, but I guess it should. So I'm a little bit too high for that, but not much.
I did the Kolekole climb on base today for the first time this cycle. Wasn't too bad. Obviously I didn't fly up the hill like I was doing at the end of my last cycle, but I didn't feel like I was going to die either. No death is good. Cycling should be coming right along.
On the on-going saga of my right foot, it's sore again. Stupid foot. Not the dreaded Top of Foot Pain that I inflicted on myself last time, but the base of the second toe over, the piggy that stays home, is sore. I'm thinking I might have run too fast yesterday, though I can't really see that. I pay so much attention to my form and I'm so nervy about every little twinge and ache. Back to the ice regimen. I really though three weeks in toe shoes and barefoot in New Zealand would have strengthened my feet to the pain where this wouldn't be an issue any more. Guess tomorrow I will pay close attention to running slow and easy. Dear toe, stop it. Love, the management.

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