Wednesday, August 1, 2012

To The Top

time- 1:33
distance- 19.13mi

You know what is good? Getting back into the groove. Getting back to working out every day at least once a day. Releasing endorphins, burning calories, earning dinner, hurting good. There are a lot of things making me grumpy right now but being able to get out there and sweat is helping.
I looked at the name of the road I'm climbing out of Kapolei but I keep forgetting it. Whatever it is, it hurts. There feels like a ton of up in not much distance, and there are some steep damn portions. I think even if I was trained up much of the climb would still be granny gear worthy.
Last time I did the climb I turned around at the top of the main road. Today I noticed that if I went left there was more climbing to be done. So I went left. Probably not a whole lot more elevation gained (I miss uploading information so much!), but it was pretty steep. First time on the ride I got up out the saddle to put more power through the pedals. Felt good to get all the way to the dead end at the tippy top.
Back down is ripping fast. There was one point where I needed to make a right because I couldn't scrub enough speed before the yellow to stop safely at the red, just enough to turn safely. I think that if I do this too regularly I might set my brakes on fire.
Which would be cool.
Until it wasn't.
I still love the Olympics. I have lots of thoughts on swimming. Here they are super-quick:
I'm having so much fun watching all of this. So far four world records have fallen in the pool. Guess those suits weren't having as much of an impact as they thought. Phelps is amazing, imagine if he had been really focused for the last four years. Missy Franklin is a water goddess. The 100 free is a start, turn, and finish. This means it's only slightly impressive. The 200 breast is better than the 100 breast because the strokes are longer, smoother, and prettier. The Americans have had the best turns in every race I've watched. Massive glides, massive dolphin kicks off the wall. I love it every time Missy Franklin cries in the pool, then cries again on the medal stand.

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  1. I think you're talking about Makakilo. I've done it a few times, and it's definitely granny gear worthy!