Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Duh Doy!

1 x 200- Warm-up
5 x 200- 3:00
3 x 100- 1, 2, 3, Swim
1 x 50- Cool down

I think I figured out part of my problem when it comes to swim workouts- I haven't gone in with a plan. I would go to the pool and then come up with an idea. I don't function well like that. I need a plan. Then when I'm tired and dragging ass I can look at the set list and talk myself into just two more to get to the end of the set and move on. Going without it gives me too much freedom.
I didn't write a workout down last night, but I did come up with a plan to stick to. 200yd sets are a staple of my triathlon training. They are long enough to build some endurance but short enough to allow me to knock out repeats without spending all kinds of time.
I made all of them with twelve to fifteen seconds rest, so I didn't swim as badly as I was expecting. Was still kind of blown by the end. I was going to do more of the one, two, three, swim 100s but time was ticking away and I wanted to get in to school a little early.
Which brings me to my Duh Doy moment of the morning. Like I've said, we are staying in Ewa right now. I'm a creature of habit so I have been going to the Mililani 24 Hour Fitness to swim. You know what I have to pass to get to the Mililani 24? The exit right next to the Pearl City 24. I could have saved myself fifteen minutes easy if I had paid just the tiniest bit of attention to where I was on the island. And I would be closer to school after the swim. I will have so much more time to swim once I  remember this at 5am.
And now, two YouTube clips so you can properly visualize an Duh Doy moment. If you aren't watching the show these come from you should. Now.

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  1. New to reading your blog, but it helps me to have a plan going into to any workout, but sometimes I get to focused on the plan, so I thiknk it takes a balancing act of sorts!