Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wave at the Sign Wavers


time- 1:45ish
distance- 20-something*
*watch battery died right at the end and it is charging right now. You get estimates and you'll like it.

Campaigning in Hawaii consists of two things:
1) Take a position on rail, the thing we already voted yes on four years ago.
2) Get a ton of people to stand on the side of the road waving signs at people in traffic.
Traffic sucks, vote for me!
There are always people on the roadsides this time of year. And I pass, I think, every single one of them when I'm riding. Going uphill.
You see, Makiki Dr (I'm almost positive I spelled that wrong) is steep and that means it's slow. So I go by a ton of people with signs. It's like an aid station during a race, except without water or snacks and with empty promises. You know what's strange? Not all of them talk to me. A few shout encouragement, which is nice. But some don't say anything, they just watch. I'm going by so slowly a candidate could knock out a stump speech before I'm out of earshot and you're just staring at me? Say hi. Tell me I'm looking good. Make a joke. You're holding a sign with someone's name on it and you aren't trying to connect? Fail.
On the positive side of the coin, by the time I went by again Tulsi Gabbard was actually standing with her sign wavers. While I want to be clear this doesn't influence my vote, she is damn pretty. So that was nice.
See? Politician pretty.
I also want to note- some jackass standing on the side of the road has never made me want to vote for anyone. I think they should knock it off.
The rest of the ride went well. Down to Target, down some road that looked nice and clear, and then home. Damn windy on the way back, which wasn't great after the climb but is good for me. During my climb I was really hurting, way sore low back, and the thought that I was getting stronger helped me keep pushing hard. Same through the wind.


  1. Dude, check your earlier blogs! The hill you are riding up is MAKAKILO! Makiki is in town, and not so steep!

    1. I knew that. I blame women's gymnastics being on in the background while I was writing this. And it's not gross because the woman from Romania is 24! So she's check-out-able.

  2. Maybe to you, but she's just 1 year older than my older daughter! Then again, 24 in gymnast years is like 50, isn't it?