Saturday, August 18, 2012

Baywatch In Two Parts (Part One)

time- 40:00
distance- approx. 1,400yds

Why the hell would anyone get up at 5:15am to swim at 6 on a holiday off from work?

Ko'Olina Lagoon 4
That's why. Granted, when I got there it didn't look like that. It was still pre-sun dawn, chilly and brisk. Just bright enough to see across the lagoon, but there wasn't enough sun to warm the water yet. I should back up slightly. Diesel has begun swimming at Ko'Olina Lagoon 4 Friday mornings with a few other guys. This was the second time they went out and, since today is Statehood Day and I had the day off, I went with. Any excuse for quasi-open water swimming. I love swimming in the pool, it's how I grew up, but it is really nice to be able to go straight for 100+ yards without having to turn. And the Ko'Olina Lagoons are great because there is no current, no waves, no break, and if you go early enough, no other people. There is also a rock lane line under the water to follow so you don't have to be spotting.
 The only complaint is the water is freaking cold that early. Which really means that you just have to wade in and start swimming, and you can't take much time between laps to chat because you start to tighten up.
We estimate each lap is about 115 yards or so from end to end, and my times per lap agree with that. I wasn't pushing at all, that's not what this morning's swim was about. It was nice to get out and do some long easy swimming with friends. Yesterday's post has a minor discussion going on about group open-water swimming, the pros and cons, and while I agree that swimming is even more of a solitary pursuit than biking or running since conversation is nearly impossible, it is nice to workout with others. They pace, they push, and at least my ego won't allow me to punk out early unless I absolutely have to if I'm with a group.
Though I did have to punk out a little earlier than I wanted.
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