Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thanks Bob OR Hillbilly Hills

distance- 21.26mi

Today was Bob's fault. MovieBob, to be specific. He's an entertaining and interesting movie reviewer for The Escapist as well as hosting his on video game show called the Game OverThinker. Needless to say, I follow his stuff. Don't always agree with him, but that is kind of the point of following critics. Seeing different viewpoints.
Anyway, Bob recently did a thing for his Big Picture web series about the Beverly Hillbillies. It is posted below.

You'll notice during the segment he played the theme song. That theme, for those of you who have not yet realized it, is insidious. Right now, as you read this it is worming it's way into your brain. Soon you will be a slave to it. You will catch yourself humming it all day. Or, as in my case, for your Entire. Freaking. Ride. And when that happens there is only one thing to do. Only one way to get it out of your head. You have to submit.
First- yes mom, the road was clear. I purposefully went to the most backroad back road. 'Tis safe. You can see at the start how empty is it.
As for the ride, aside from the song it was pretty good. Felt stronger on portions of That Climb than I have yet. But there is a lot of it that still sucks. Some spots the grade is so intense I don't know if it'll ever not totally suck. Which is kind of part of doing the climb. I like looking up at it and having part of my brain still think, "What? No. Dumbass." That lets me know it's challenging me.

Do you feel the Hillbilly? You do, don't you.

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