Thursday, August 16, 2012

Swimming With Friends Means Talking Too Much


1 x 200- warm-up
5 x 100- IM
1 x 150- cool down
5 x 100- Build by 25s
25s- Stroke count/technique work
1 x 50- Cool down

Met a friend way to early this morning at the pool. She's still new to triathlon, through she's three in, and is much more a runner than a swimmer. So while we were swimming I was giving tips. And no, I didn't make her do the IM set. She got there just as I was finishing it. When you're feeling weak nothing makes you feel strong like a good IM set. Of course, the converse is also true.
Swimming with someone else doesn't always give me the best work out when they aren't at the same or close to the same level, but it is psychically nice to help another triathlete and get my own work in at the same time. I go, she goes, I go at my pace, she goes at hers, I drop a few knowledge bombs, and there's the swim.

I know you were thinking a Psych joke was needed.

This too


  1. I have a few friends that say they want to join me when I do an open water swim. Some of them are faster than myself and some are slower. I never understand why they would want to do a "group" swim in the ocean when we are not going to swimming together, not to mention that we aren't going to be having a conversation.

    1. Pacing, camaraderie, better chances of not being lunch when the shark shows up...

  2. Going with the lunch bit: outrun your slowest friend, you know?
    And, with a hint of seriousness, OW practice is less intimidating (and faster) in a pack.