Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Das Breeck

Brick Day
ride- 20mi/1:06
run- approx 2.4mi/22 minutes
total- 22.4mi/1:28

Shorter ride than normal and a shorter run than normal but a good, solid brick. I went out about 75-80% for the first half of the ride, jammed up Kolekole in 13 minutes, and pumped the whole way home. Quick change and quick feet back out on the run. I only really worked the first half of the run hard and cruised the second. The reason for that is tomorrow is a run-focused day and I don't want to cut into that workout with a brick. The brick's purpose is to get my legs used to going from riding to running. The smoother that transition is, the faster I can get into a good rhythm and stride. Today it felt choppy the whole time. I couldn't find the really relaxed, smooth stride I've had during other runs. Still, good time out, strong pieces. Another brick in the Dirtbag Fortress of Fitness.

1 comment:

  1. when i was training for the tinman i was bricking 4 days a week. i miss those workouts. marathon training is taking a lot of focus. good job today how is the transition getting into your VFFs?