Thursday, October 6, 2011

DeadMan 5k and 10k

Run Day
time- 42:19
distance- 4.7mi

Good run. Smooth nine minute/mile pace. White Zombie on the earbuds. All of which led to the following:

I have had Another Fantastic Idea!
I know there are similar events to what I'm about to propose, but I don't think there is anything quite like this. (Edit: Though this is very close.) You see, I want to have a pursuit-style 5k and 10k with ZOMBIES! To be honest, I'm not even sure "pursuit-style" is a style of race. Which would be cool because then I'm really inventing two cool things at once. Dirtbag Bonus!
I have created the DeadMan and here's the deal: the race (5k or 10k) is composed of two groups. Group A is the Survivors. Group B is the Zombies. The most basic way to tell the difference between Survivors and Zombies will be the two-sided race numbers. One side will be clean and read "S#" for Survivor and their race number, the other side will be smeared with red and read "Z#", for Zombie and the same race number. But an easier way to tell the difference will be that the people who registered as Zombies will be encouraged to dress the part. Now, because every single person I know would register as a Zombie, we will have to input a threshold number of Zombie entrants and everyone who signs up after than threshold number has been reached will start the race as a Survivor. That doesn't mean they will end the race that way.
The race starts with the Survivors leading the way. They get a three-to-five minute head start (I haven't ironed all the bugs out yet). After the Survivors' lead time has elapsed, we release the Zombies. Looking vacant, staggering, and moaning like a drunk who's lost a bet are not required, but getting into character a little would be more fun. The Zombies' job? Catch as many Survivors as they can. And if a Survivor gets caught by a Zombie they must turn their number around to signify becoming one of the undead masses at which time their goal switched from making it safely to the finish line to catching other Survivors. See? Pursuit-style.
There will have to be other zombie-fied touches. Aid Stations will become First Aid Stations. Any water handed out will have to be dyed red. Post-race snacks should be creative in the extreme. We'll have to make two different types of finisher shirts. "I Survived the DeadMan" and "I Didn't Survive the DeadMan" versions should do nicely. Awards would go to the fastest Survivors, fastest Zombies, Best Costumes, Best Acting, etc. I'd give an award to the Zombie who "converted" the most Survivors, but I don't know how we would track that and I feel like it would intrude on the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) spirit of the event.
I think this would be a lot of fun, more fun even than my Barbarian Horde 1k. We need to get on this!


  1. Umbrella corporation is watching. Sounds like a good time to release the T-virus.

  2. Survivors have two bibs, zombies steal one to make them zombies. Zomie who has most bibs (or flags, like touch football?) Wins that portion.

    We should totally start a "fun run" race company and put these things on. I wonder what the cost is?

  3. Just let me know where I can sign up!!! LOL!