Sunday, October 9, 2011

Real Steel Weekend (Bonus Mini-Movie Review)

Ride Day (Saturday)
distance- 50.3mi
time- 3:12

Run Day (Sunday)
distance- 6mi
time- 56:57

Know what's weird? Finishing a 50 mile bike ride and thinking, "That was nice and short." Short? 50 miles. Three hours. But my base is such that right now a 50 mile weekend ride isn't that bad at all. I love that.
It was a cruise for the most part. Weekends aren't about speed. Pupukea was stronger than before, but still not quick. I entertained the thought of doing it again on my way back, but then I remembered that I had Pineapple Hill to deal with and I didn't want to go all crazy with it. But I see a time in my future where two laps of Pupukea don't seem all that crazy. Got to fight some headwind on the way out but made it up on the way back in. Pineapple wasn't too bad. That hill isn't nearly as rough after 40 miles as it is after 75. Strange, ain't it?
And my run today was a solid cruise. I'm looking for a base. Six miles used to be a weekday run. But it wasn't supposed to be that long today. I was planning a 50 minute run. But at my turn-around of 25 minutes I could see my six mile turn. So I went for it. I was feeling good. Weekend runs are hard on the ego because I'm not out there running hard or fast. So I finish sweating and tired, but not broken down with a soaring heart rate. That's the point, to be sure, but it feels like I'm not working to my potential. Gotta get that run strong.
***Bonus Mini-Movie Review***
Dirtbag Reviews: Real Steel

Ok, I know. I saw the previews too. And, just like you, I said, "Hey, a Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robots movie I don't need to see!" But then it started looking interesting. And I read a positive review. And another one. From geek places I trust no less! And before I knew it my interest was peaked. So a Guy Movie Time was convened and in we went.
And it's great fun. You know the beats of a solid sports movie and this hits all of them. No, its not the Ides of March. It's robot boxing. But its really well done robot boxing. If Transformers was this good, this much fun, or this well done I might actually have cared a little. This is my sports blog and this is a great sports flick. I trust Hugh Jackman and he rarely lets me down (expect Wolverine: Origins, but I blame everyone but him for that. Even a great actor can't make a shit sandwich taste good).
The kid isn't annoying like so many child actors are. The special effects are there to help tell the story, not to be the story (see: Bay, Micheal), and there are actually parts of the script which assume we the audience aren't completely stupid and can figure things out for ourselves. Don't go in expecting brilliance, it is a movie about robots fighting after all, but let your expectations get raised and let yourself have fun and be surprised about it in a theater. This was the kind of fun I wanted from Cowboys and Aliens but didn't get.
This is a movie that knows what it wants to do and executes. Well. Did I cheer at the end? Hell, I was cheering in the middle.

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  1. Good time on your 6 mile run!
    I took my son to watch Real Steal on Friday. I must admit, I really did not think it was going to be something that I would want to watch, but it exceeded my expectations. It actually had a story line. At the end, I have to admit that I enjoyed it.