Sunday, January 27, 2013

That's What She Said

time- 1:21
distance- 18.1

Today before I left the house to meet the Grey and Diesel for the weekend's ride I looked outside. This is what it looked like: we are going to get rained on then. Right. Weather reports said watch for flash floods but that wasn't supposed to start until later in the day. Bloody weather. We decided to not ride down to the North Shore and back because getting caught that far from home in a storm would be the suck. Instead it was laps around Wheeler Air Field and Schofield Army Base. It rained, drizzled, and poured pretty much the whole time. It was still fun. Mostly because none of the three of us are grown-ups. Conversations went very simply.

Regarding the weather- "It's really wet, it's getting my back all dirty."

Regarding construction on the road ahead- "Lotta pipe being laid here."

Regarding the loop we rode- "It's not long, but you can have some fun with it."

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