Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How Workouts Go Sometimes Now

Yesterday I woke up a little early, told Super Awesome Wife that I needed to get a swim in, and grabbed a light breakfast so I'd have some energy in the water. Baby was still asleep and she was too for the most part. I told her that I'd stick around if she needed me to but no, it's ok. Then Roland woke up to eat. After he ate he decided that not only was he not hungry anymore, it was also time for The Fussy Baby Show. Super Awesome Wife hadn't gotten a ton of sleep the night before and was pretty knocked out. So instead of riding up to the gym and getting my swim on and stayed home hanging out with baby in my swim gear so that mom could get some rest and I could get some baby time.
No complaints, I signed up for this and holding a sleeping child is pretty awesome. Screaming child not so much but he settled down pretty fast.
That's been the case a lot this week. I mean to workout but then something child-related comes up. I'm still figuring out the balance. I'm also now at the bottom of Bad Habit Valley officially, and I need to climb out. Bad Habit Valley is where you realize just how much easier it is to sit on your ass eating tortilla chips and watching tv than it is getting out of the house for a workout. From the bottom of Bad Habit Valley a thirty minute run suddenly seems like a HUGE time commitment. Not working out is such an easy thing to slip into, and I'm so there. It's strange. One part of my brain is going "RUN! SWIM! RIDE! YOU WUSS!" and another is very, "...meh."
And sometimes, like yesterday, the workout side wins and loses anyway.
The biathlon I have coming up should be an interesting journey in lack of fitness, pain, and Adjusted Dad Expectations.


  1. There is nothing more important than family. Working in the training is always tricky, especially with a baby. I commend you for knowing your priorities.

  2. Why do you think so many of us "find" this lifestyle when our kids are a little older? We are just too fried when our little ones are hanging off us every waking moment. At 8 and 11, life is a completely different ballgame. That picture is too sweet - I sometimes miss those baby snuggles.

  3. I agree with some of the above comments, but also would encourage you to make an effort to keep a routine of at least basic fitness activities, even if not at a competitive level. It's important to stay fit and healthy and act as a good role model to instill similar lifestyle habits in your kids. If you start sitting in front of the t.v. with nachos, what do you think your kids will end up doing? Two words for you: running stroller! Good for you AND Angela. It's easier to maintain fitness than to try and regain it when you are older. Sermon over!

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