Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Night Runner

time- 40min
distance- 3.5mi

I try not to run at night because I don't like running when it's dark. Yes, it's cooler,  but I trust exactly two drivers on the island completely, and I'm the other one. I run on the sidewalk, but I still want to pretend that the cars are seeing me. So I run in the day time. That way right before they hit me they say, "Holy crap!" *thud*
Yesterday, I went straight from school to a union meeting because I'm a big mouth and I demand to be heard. Our governor continues to screw with teachers and I wanted to be in on the discussion about negotiations and next steps. What that meant is I didn't get home until the sun was setting.
I'm right in the middle of getting myself back into a workout rhythm, and I can't let something like a long day get in the way of that. It would have been so very easy to collapse onto the couch and feel like that was alright. But I fought through it, changed, and got out the door. I have to act fast like that or I will fail. It's all about making the transition as quickly as possible before I have time to think about it.
The run went ok. I'm starting to slowly feel better out on the road again. My right foot is a little sore today, but that's to be expected. At least the knee doesn't bother me. I don't run down either of the steep downhills on my route because that makes it hurt, but the uphills are ok. I'm slow, but I'm out there. And having just left a union meeting gave me something to think about the entire run. It also gave me something to talk out loud to myself about like I was arguing with imaginary legislators. I'm sure none of the people I ran by noticed though. I mean, long haired guy in a bright yellow shirt grumbling to himself in toe shoes? Easy to miss.
Swam Tuesday too. Didn't write about it because it was nothing to write home about. Drill-focused, trying to get my stability and strength back.
Super Awesome Wife and Dirtbag Baby finally come home late tomorrow night! Very excited.

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