Tuesday, January 22, 2013

That Wasn't So Bad

time- 1:55
distance- 25.8mi

I haven't been out on the bike since Dirtbag Fetus became Dirtbag Baby. It feels like a much bigger time commitment than going for a run or a swim and I haven't wanted to be away for that long. But The Grey knows I'm turning into a lazy couch-dweller and sent me a text Sunday night telling me he was kidnapping me for a bike ride Monday, it being a day off and all. I asked Dirtbag Baby what he thought and he agreed that I was getting depressing. I warned the Grey that I was out of shape and lame and he promised a short ride. It helped that he'd paced someone for a 20 mile loop on the HURT 100 the day before. Well, helped me.
We got out and went down Pineapple and back. Since I moved that added a couple of miles to that particular route and it was great to get out. It was freaking cold (for Hawaii) that early in the morning and I thought I was totally over the head cold I'd been dealing with since Wednesday. Turns out not so much as there was a ton of stuff in my forehead that felt like it was freezing as the wind whistled by while we shot down the hill. Yeah, I know the temperature was probably more like 65* and anyone who reads this who doesn't live in Hawaii thinks I'm being a big giant wussy wuss in my tight pants and arm sleeves and to those people I say...nyah nyah nyahnyah nyaaaaah I think it's cold when it's 65*, you have to ride when it's 10*! (By the way, my stats claim I have three readers in Ukraine, and five in Malaysia. And 91 in Russia! So hello to all the computers that for some reason bounce their signal off my blog for probably some illicit reason or possible legit readers in other countries! Seriously, if you aren't in the US and you're reading this drop a comment in the box. That would be cool.)
I figured Pineapple would suck seeing as I have no bike fitness right now, but it really wasn't that bad. I wasn't racing up the hill, I was probably riding just as fast as I could have up the hill, but it didn't suck as bad as I thought. Having ridden Pineapple so many times at this point probably helps. I know the hill and where I am on it and mentally that is a huge booster. The Grey being there pushing and talking helps too.
I'm slowly getting back into a semi-regular fitness routine and that's good. I need it. Baby needs to be around it. I will figure this fit dad thing out.
Baby push-ups. Come on, buddy, ten more, let's go!

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