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Relay for Life- American Cancer Society

This is a post from a friend's blog about her mom and their efforts to raise money towards cancer research using the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life. Their particular relay will be July 13-14 and details are in the post. If you are interested in donating to help them, and cancer research out, I am linking to their team's donation page below, at the bottom of the post, and on the Dirtbag Supports page. Thanks for reading and helping.
Support Team Forever Young Here
This text's original page is here
Hi everyone,

An update on my mom's progress:
She had her 5 month CT scan (5 months after last treatment) and the Dr. said she is in complete remission from her cancer! She is part of a Clinical Study, so will have scans every 3 months for the next 3 years and things are certainly looking great for her. She is getting her strength back still, but we couldn't have been more blessed throughout this whole ordeal.
On July 13-14, the American Cancer Society is holding a fundraiser called "Relay for Life" at San Juan College at the Health and Human Performance Center. The theme is “Disney - The Magic of Relay”. Since cancer never sleeps, the relay is all night, starting Friday, July 13 @ 6pm, ending Saturday, July 14 @ 6 am.
During the night there will be games, snacks sold (fundraising) and a huge variety of things to do. I will be selling toddler ties for the "Prince Charming" in your life, and my mom got some cupcakes donated from a local bakery that she will sell. If you would like to support our team "Forever Young" you can do it in several ways.
Join our Team! Participants will walk on the track for our team at the SJC Performance Center during the all night relay. You can call me to sign up for a 30 minute period, or an hour, or longer. Our team is expected to have a person on the track for the 12 hours. Not the same person, just a person. We plan to do this by scheduling the timing of who is on the track so no one has to be walking for a long period of time.
We do need help in this area, so if you can spare an hour sometime between 6pm and 6 am, please let me know. My dad has a roster, so we can write down who will be walking at a given time during the night. Hopefully, we will have enough support that we can have at least two people walking at the same time, so you will have someone to walk and talk with.
You can also show up the night of!
Or, make a donation or solicit donations for our team. The donations are tax deductible (make check to American Cancer Society).
Every $10 donation allows you to have a luminaria with the name of a cancer survivor, victim or caregiver. You can provide the name for the luminaria or have our team select a name for you, from someone we know who suffered from Cancer.
Every $100 donation allows you to have an 18"x24" sign honoring someone impacted by cancer (survivor, victim or caregiver). These signs will be posted at the fundraiser and you can also display the sign starting now at your home or other appropriate place, until July 13th. We would then like to have the sign back so we can display it during the all night relay.
It sure would be nice to see you sometime during the night. My dad, niece and I will be there all night. My mom wants to be there all night, but does not have the stamina… yet. To visit her, please drop by before 9pm. I do not know if she will last longer than that, but maybe, she surprises us all the time !
Please call me and let me know if you can help our team “Forever Young”!
Some of the fun activities during the night are:

· 6 pm Opening ceremony. The first lap will be a Cancer survivor/Caregiver lap honoring those impacted by cancer.

· 9 pm Luminaria Ceremony

· The rest of the night …

o DJ, Crazy Hair contest

o Pajama party

o Silent auction

o Cancer is a drag (come dressed as a drag queen)

o Crazy Hat lap

o Bingo

o Dedicate a song to someone

o Backwards lap

o 5 people tied together lap

o BYOB (Bring your own boxers, bra or briefs for a team member to wear lap)

o Best spirited team

o Buddy lap

o Etc.

To learn more about this fundraiser you can go to the website
Please call me. We would love to see you.
After the event we will post pictures! Event though this will be our first time, Jill already went to the relay in her community and said it was so much fun, they didn't want it to end!
If you're not doing anything on July 13, come spend some time with us! Thanks!

Again, the page to donate and help out Team Forever Young is here. Fitness comes in many forms.

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