Friday, July 27, 2012

Earning Dinner

time- approx. 1:16*
distance- approx. 16.5mi*

*everything approximate because, though I have my Garmin, the ANT+ unit which transfers all the information from the watch to the computer has been misplaced in the second move. I'm hoping to find it eventually. I'm trying not to tear random boxes apart searching for it.

I enjoy eating. But I really enjoy eating when I feel like I've earned it. That righteous hungry that I feel after a good workout is one of my favorite things. That yes, a second helping might be ok because I kicked ass this afternoon.
This doesn't mean that I eat everything I can see. I'm conscious of the amount of calories I shove in my face. Still, I eat more than I maybe should much of the time, but it's ok because I'm putting in 10, 12, 15+ hours of workouts this week.
Except I haven't been recently. These past few weeks workouts have been few and not terribly intense. But my eating habits haven't changed all that much.
At least I earned dinner yesterday. Still living in Ewa Beach, land of the flat roads, I ventured out to Kapolei (Cap-O-Lay), because I'd noticed a big hill over the freeway past the new Walmart. Yes, If I paid attention to street names I would be telling you the street, but anyone who lives here and has been over there knows what I'm talking about. The rest of you picture a road going uphill into a residential area.
I like to climb on the bike. Well, I like how I feel after climbing. Climbing makes Dirtbag legs strong. Climbing can make you a better sprinter, better at racing into the wind, better at getting a powerful start, better at surging past another cyclist (this last is a supposition, since this rarely happens to me). So up I go as often as possible.
This road in Kapolei is more up than I anticipated. It's not as long as my favorite climb, Pineapple, but I believe sections of it, most of it, is nearly as steep as my friend, Pupukea. If I could find my ANT+ I'd know for sure. I see this road being part of my regular rides while I'm in Ewa. It's not far from the house Super Awesome Wife and I are staying at, the roads there are as safe as you can get on Oahu (mostly), and it's the best chance at up I have without throwing the bike in the truck and driving to somewhere better. 
On some race notes, I skipped the third North Shore Swim last weekend because I didn't feel like dropping $50 on a race I didn't feel prepared for. I'm probably going to skip the final one too, though I can be talked into doing it. I am on a relay team for this Sunday's Tinman Triathlon. I hadn't planned on doing it but Tri Cook sent me an email a few days ago saying his relay team's swimmer had to drop out due to a work conflict and would I mind terribly sweeping in a saving the day? Of course I wouldn't mind, so I'll be at Queen's Beach this Sunday at Oh-Dark Hundred shaking it out for a 750yd sprint. I assume we are going to win it all. How could we not, with two fitness bloggers on one team? Their (our) team name- Counterfeit Pajama Insurgents. I don't know what it means but I love it.
I also still owe you a very out-of-date race report about my last open water swim. Maybe this weekend.
On the moving front, I didn't get the last job I interviewed for, so I assumed we are staying and school starts Monday. But yesterday I got a call for another interview on Tuesday. So once again my feet are off the ground and I don't know what is happening. Not my favorite way to work. To butcher Joe Strummer- Will we stay or will we go?

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