Monday, July 30, 2012


Run Day

time- 24:00
distance- 2.33mi

I haven't been running since the Honu. For a few weeks my tendon would stop me after a few steps. I've been careful, rehabing, and taking my time. I have no interest in getting heavily into training only to hurt myself again. There is nothing on the race calendar so there is no reason to push. Better to take it easy.
I figured I would take this run easy. First one back, especially with the kind of shoes I rock, needs to be easy. I can injure myself way too easily. So I left the house thinking it would be a fifteen or twenty minute run. At an easy pace, which is normally 10min/mi, that's a mile and a half or two. Sounds perfect.
I started tentatively. Would my tendon act right up? Would my feet protest? Is something else going to complain?
Nope. I felt fine. Not great. I pretty immediately felt the lack of running over the last weeks. But no pain. So I ran right past the seven and a half minute turn-around without barely noticing. I realize that compared to what I was running, seven and half minutes is nothing, but it isn't nothing. It's something. It's better than I've been able to do for a frustrating amount of time. Running again felt good enough that I kept right on going. The ten minute turn-around came and I was about to turn, but wait, what's that? An intersection? Well everyone knows you can't just turn around in the middle of the sidewalk if there is a traffic light pole you can wrap your arm around and swing around. So I ran a tiny bit further than I planned.
I hope I don't pay for it tomorrow. Right now I feel fine. Stretched after the run. Tomorrow I have a physical therapy appointment I made a month ago when the leg hurt. So even if there is pain at least I'm going somewhere they can deal with it.
This run was a success for more than just a first run back from an injury reason. Today was the first day of school. Do you have any idea how much you do not want to workout after the first day back teaching? Its a lot of much. You want to sit and not talk and relax. You want NAP. On top of that we had a visit to the midwife after school. So it was teach, midwife, drive home in traffic, run. That's a lot of barriers to run. I'm really happy I got out there and did it. Now the challenge is to stay consistent.
Also, I want to have Missy Franklin's fish babies. If you don't know what I'm talking about you're an awful American and you aren't watching enough Olympics.

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  1. Missy Franklin was awesome. I wish they would show the underwater shots a little longer so I can see the their form.