Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Special Guest Race Report- Ryan's Run

**This race report brought to you by the Grey**

I ran in a new race Saturday, Ryan's Run, Run/Walk for a Cure. It was put on by CureSearch National Childhood Cancer Foundation, whose mission is to raise funds and awareness for conquering childhood cancer. They held both 5k and 10k races starting at Mokuleia Beach Park. Aside with some problems with the aid stations, it was very well organized, had chip timing, plenty of post race fluids, and awards for 10 year age-groups. The start time was a bit late (7:30), nice for sleeping in [Ed. Note- This is the most important factor when the Grey chooses a race.], but resulting in a very hot race. Normally, I don't ever use the aid stations during a short race, but because of the heat, I did find I needed some water on the course. Problem was, the aid stations workers were not actively handing out water. Worse, one of the aid stations had bottles of water rather than cups. The bottles were not even opened up for the runners, so I guess they expected us to just grab and carry them through the race.  
As I said, it was a SMALL race, with only a 75 finishers in the 10K and 107 in the 5K. The courses both followed out and backs on Farrington Hwy, but in opposite directions. The 5K headed out towards the end of the road by Kaena Point, while the 10K headed out towards Waialua. I guess they figured this would keep the crowd thinner, which was probably an important consideration since it was an open course, with the only traffic control happening at the turnaround point where the runners had to cross the road for the return legs. The problem with this approach was that as the runners came into the finish line, they were practically running into each other as they crossed the timing mat from both sides!  The race director had explained to the race crowd at the start that it shouldn't be a problem since most of the 5K runners would be finished before the 10K runners. However, if you were at the head of the pack on the 10K [Ed. Note- add after that, "like I always am, of course"], you were finishing the 10K while more than half the 5K field was still on the course. Adding to the finish line confusion was the fact that many runners had parked on the road shoulder by the finish, and some of the 5k runners and spectators were crossing in front of the 10K finishers.
All in all, despite the few minor glitches, for a first time event, I'd say it was definitely worth the entry fee, and even if you live in town, worth the long drive!  I thought it was pretty well organized with few if any glitches in registration, packet pickup and race day organization, much better than what I saw a couple of years ago at the Gecko Gallop 10K! The course was also flat and fast, as well as scenic. However, I hope they consider sending the 10k runners out towards Kaena Point also, which would make the run much more scenic, and maybe a little cooler (but hillier!). All in all, I look forward to doing it again next year.
[Ed Note- Somehow the Grey forgot to mention his 10k finishing time of 43:21. He came in 5th overall and first in 55-64 age group. So all you older people out there who think you can't do this kind of stuff, get out on the road. Dirtbag thanks and applauds the Grey for his race and race report. If any one else has a race they want to share, I take guest posts.]


  1. Congrats to the Grey! Smokin fast time!

  2. Way to go Ryan... I shall call you "The Fast"!

    1. The name of the event is Ryan's Run. The Grey's name is Andy. Shhh, it's a secret, don't tell anyone. Still, your complement stands.