Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Running Into the Sunset

time- 1:01
distance- 6.02mi

My goal right now is to ease back in after dealing with the Achilles issues. I would rather be undertrained and healthy than injured, so even though I really wanted seven+ yesterday I went for six. Cruised, though my first two miles were much faster than I planned. I need to work on consistent pacing. I say that now, but I know that "pacing" during the Honu will probably be more like "Bataan Death March" after mile five or six. That's ok, this is supposed to hurt.
I left the house later than normal, but that was ok because it meant the weather was cooler and I got to see this.


  1. Oh just you wait till mile 9, that's when the real "Bataan Death March" starts. You'll see.

  2. smart decision to allow your injury to get some healing time.