Monday, March 26, 2012

A Quick Double Workout Post

Swim (Thursday)
1 x 200- warm-up
1 x 500
Swim Fail

Run (Thursday)
time- 49:52
distance- 7.72mi

Ride (Sunday)
time- 4:01
distance- 56.61

My interwebs have been doing the fritz all weekend, so this is making up for that. I know both of you out there in the tubes watching this point of light were wondering where I had gone.
Swim fail Thursday. I want to say the water was too cold again, and it was really cold, but there were others still in there while I was warming back up in the spa. I don't think I have a really good reason for why my swim Thursday was so bad. I was tired because I got to bed a lot later than I meant to. Either way, fail.
The run that day wasn't great either, but I'm still testing the tendons. They feel better, but still not great. Super Awesome Wife taped only the left leg since the right was doing ok, but I think Tuesday I'm going to tape both legs again. Foam rolling is helping, though there is sometimes tightness that wasn't there earlier. Whatever, it'll heal. Must be patient.
Sunday's ride with the boys was strong though. Diesel and I met up in the morning, the Grey was running behind because he was up all night Saturday polishing the trophy he got for winning his age group at the Warrior Dash Saturday* (*race report and pictures pending). So Diesel and I took off, heading to Pupukea for some climbing action. I feel like I had a good climb, it helps when Diesel decides to hang back and talk me up. Sure, it can be frustrating to be sweating, huffing, and puffing and the guy next to you is breezing and chatting, but it helps. My ego won't let me ease up. Damn ego.
On the way back down the Grey caught us up so we, brilliantly, turned around and went back up. You know, so that the Grey got his whole climb in. Wouldn't want to leave him out. My first double hop of Pupukea. Well, one and a half. It counts!
Then we cruised out Dillingham and back for time trials and headwind fighting, then up Pineapple. Diesel again "encouraged" me up, and bothered the Grey. Meaning he would ride some with me, notice that the Grey was getting away, shift and speed up** (**"speed up" should be read "disappear in a cloud of smoke"), bother the Grey by pulling on his jersey, turn around, and come back and meet me to ask why I hadn't caught them on that last flat part. It really did keep me moving and motivated, I kept the gas on way longer and harder than I might otherwise have...even though you kind of hate your friends while they are doing it.


  1. Looking forward to your warrior dash report.

  2. Ends up, the updated results on Sunday showed a 50 year old guy blasted through the course in 23 minutes! I was a distant 2nd place, so I hope you guys are easier on me next time!

    1. you stole some super fit dude's trophy? Better hope he doesn't find out.

  3. so I hope you guys are easier on me next time!

    Ummm. No. Then we will just say you should not have been lagging behind since you did NOT win your age group!