Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Pre-Run Ride up Mount Wind

time- 2:09
distance- 30.3mi

Quick write-up since I didn't do it yesterday. The Grey and I met up for some laps down at Dillingham airfield, but not too many since I haven't been riding as hard as I'd like the last two weeks and I had the Hapalua half marathon today. It was pouring rain when we set off, which is why we decided to do Dillingham. At least its normally dry down there.
Know what makes up for the dry?
The Wind. (That's right, it gets to be a proper noun. That's how serious I am.)
Going out to the point there may have been a tailwind, but I'm not sure if the Grey and I noticed it. I mean, we normally cruise easily at around 24mph as far as anyone reading this knows. But the way back from the point was brutal. The headwind must have been 30-75mph, easy. Maybe more. Truth? The Grey and I missed Diesel and his letting-us-draft ways. So instead we had to share the pulling duties. Makes it so much easier when riding with a friend.
We only did two laps so that I could conserve my legs for today's run. Never got rained on, but it sure looked stormy on the horizon.

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