Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gimme Two Scoops of the Pineapple

time- 2:19
distance- 32.43
elevation gain- 2,483ft

Crashing after teaching today. Didn't feel like working out. One of those, "Oh, might those be storm clouds a-comin'?" sort of days. But only a little, because since my trip to Big Island I'm feeling motivated as all hell to put in good regular workouts. I don't know if my Achilles is going to let me get the runs in I want, but I sure as hell can be riding like I want. Like I mentioned yesterday, I didn't have much pain after my short run, but today my left calf/heel was feeling awfully tight. Lots of stretching and foam rolling happening. Tomorrow after school I'll be throwing some more Rock Tape on there for my run, and hopefully it'll last the weekend. Course, the Warrior Dash is Saturday, so that hope is probably in vain.
Anyway, getting a good look at some of the bounces Hawi takes on the climb to the turn-around point of the ride portion of Ironman Honu 70.3 really woke me up. I don't feel ready, but I do feel ready to suffer some more. I'm motivated in that, "Ohcrapohcrapohcrapohcrap," kind of way. It's a good thing.
Good climb number one today. Cranked pretty hard, feel like I was holding a good cadence. Lost some time on the second one, and spent a lot of it thinking about how hungry I was. Good thing I ate a banana before I left the house or I would have been really hurting. Need to get this climbs strong.
Also, I was contacted by Mr. David Haas from the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance about spreading the word about fitness and how beneficial that can be for cancer patients. He has an excellent post about it here, and I think he's going to write something special that I can put up in this space. Looking forward to it, Dirtbag Fitness is glad to spread the positive word and help cancer patients in any way we can. With that in mind, don't forget to occasionally click over to the Dirtbag Supports page and give a little. Even five bucks makes a difference. Cheers.


  1. Keep that routine up, and soon you'll be ready for Long Road repeats!

  2. what a great cause you are supporting...kuddos to you. sounds like your workouts have been strong...keep it up!