Tuesday, March 6, 2012


time- 40 minutes

The weather has been so unpredictable and brutally awful at my house that rather than risk going for a run and being drowned I decided to head to the gym and dreadmill it. After all, if my tendonitis started acting up I could call it and get on a stationary bike. I managed 40 minutes before I shot myself in the face and my now limp and lifeless body was whipped into and through the glass window behind me. Not bad. My heel got tight at the beginning but I wasn't sure if it was in my head or not so I slowed the pace a step and that helped a lot. So it should be ok as long as I don't push too hard. Works for me.
Expecting more? Too bad, Mass Effect 3 came out today. Gotta go retake Earth.


  1. Next time you're sidelined by weather, do what I did, make it into an indoor bric workout. I did 20 miles on the stationary bike at 24 HR, then got off right away and jumped on the dreadmill for hard 3 miles. Much less boring mixing it up a little, especially while playing Green Day and AC/DC on my iPod Shuffle!

  2. I, too, fell victim to the dreadmill due to the rain. It was everything I could do to not shoot myself in the head.