Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oh My Aching Little Baby Cows!

Run Day
time- 46:27

Minimalist running activates the calves, there's no getting around it. The forefoot strike means more of the load is transfered to that part of the leg, which is better than into the heel/knee/hip, but better doesn't mean that soreness won't occur. After Wednesday's 45 minute run my veal was killing me, since I hadn't been out in a few weeks. And yesterday's adventure did nothing to ease the recovery process. So I started out today sore. And by the time I was turning for home my gastrocnemius were screaming for mercy. But in a good way.
I love this low-pressure running I've been doing recently. I have no interest in a fast pace or pushing hard, I'm simply getting miles in and getting strong. It's a great way to run. Aside from the muscle soreness, I feel like I could be running much further than I am, but I need to be patient and take my time building distance. It will come. 

I was going to post this...

But anyone who knows me knows my calves look more like this.

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  1. My baby cows are a little tight today too. I did the Val Nolasco Half Marathon. Instead of my NB Minimus Trail shoes, however, I used my NB Minimus Road shoes.