Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Announcing Dirtbag Race Plans for 2012! Big News!

Ladies and gentle-dirtbags! I have two announcements about my upcoming race season. One smaller but fun one and a Big Ass One. I've very excited about both.
First, this:
This, my friends, is the Warrior Dash. Described on their website as "America's most insane race...where 12 obstacles from hell await you along this 3.01 mile course". How does that not sound awesome? Exactly, everything about it sounds awesome. Here's a rundown of the "obstacles from hell":

-waist deep water and logs
-something called Satan's Steps
-barbed wire and barricades
-vertical climb
-scrap yard scamper
-warrior wall
-cargo nets (horizontal)
-slippery slope
-more cargo nets (vertical)
- fire leap
-more barbed wire plus mud

Like I said, so much the awesome. And the best part is that although its timed, no one cares how fast you go. I certainly won't be watching my time. I'm going out to have a muddy good romp. And for the registration price I get a t-shirt, a finisher medal, a fuzzy horned hat, a chicken leg, and a beer (the beer will be given to a grateful, muddy co-warrior). This literally might be the best $45 I've ever spent. I'm very excited.
But not as excited as I am about Event #2, the Big Ass Event for 2012:
I have signed up for 70.3 miles of badassery broken up into chunks of 1.2mi swim, 56mi ride, and a 13.1mi run, some of which takes place on the Ironman Championship course better known to triathletes simply as Kona. I haven't been sure is funds were going to allow me to participate in this event, but with the blessing from Super Awesome Wife and Sean offering some much-appreciated help, plus using funds from Official Dirtbag Sponsor Background Profiles, I am going to be able to get my first half-Iron distance race under my belt. It's not until June 2, which at the moment seems a long way away, so right now there is no focused training plan for the race. That will come later. As of now I'm base building and getting the body moving again. No, I haven't worked out regularly since Ko'Olina. I've been alternating between sick, tired, or busy. But I'll be getting back into it soon.
What this means for the rest of my season is I won't be doing the two sprint tri's I did leading up to Honolulu, and I will use the Honolulu Olympic as a tune-up.
So, just so we're all clear, a year ago a sprint triathlon was a big deal. Six months ago an Olympic distance triathlon was a big deal. And now a half-Ironman is a big deal. Let's not look any further ahead for a while.
Pictured: The future


  1. Awesome! Best of luck. I love to try an Ironman, just not sure if I'd be anything but shark bait in the water.

  2. I, too, am looking forward to both races. The warrior dash is going to be pure fun! I signed up for the 9am wave, how about you? Like yourself, I am going to take my time and just take in all the fun. I also plan to use the Honolulu Tri as a tune up race for the Honu. Man, that Honu registration was expensive. I still gotta find a place to stay... more bucks.

  3. Jackalope- Nice to have you following, thanks for the good wishes. And I don't know very many triathletes that feel differently about the swim.
    Kepa- I signed up for the 9:30am start time for the WD. That way I get it done early and still have the whole day to play, plus this way I don't jitter the whole time. Good luck finding a place to stay. $$$

  4. If we're here for the Warrior Run, we are so coming to watch. I bet it's at a civilized time, too.

  5. Half Iron Man? Psh that makes you what, an aluminum man? Pewter Man at best.

    Good luck earning your IM tattoo in Kona in 2013....yeah that's right I just put you up to doing it...

    Have fun bro, wish I could be there....watching...not competing...crazy tri-bastards.