Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Go Run, Young Man

Run Day

time- 36 minutes
distance- 3.72mi

Today's run was a victory for two reasons. One- I didn't feel like running at all after school today. I've got the post-training, off-season lazies and I'm fighting hard through that shit. It was either going to be a run day or a swim day and my run needs more work, so that's getting the attention until I get Kratos up and rolling. Two- This is a damn good pace for me. 8.5 minute/mile. That's great. And it felt great the whole run. My plan was to stop on the way back, divest myself of VFFs, and finish the run bare, but I was feeling so good and so smooth I ran right through that. Well chosen, I would say. If I can keep this kind of run training up time will be crashing down. And I haven't even restarted my interval runs yet.
Gotta get the bike fixed. To wait for Christmas for more money, or to just do it? Decisions are hard.

1 comment:

  1. Great job!! So hard when you have no motivation. And then you rocked the pace...Nice!