Thursday, December 16, 2010

Finding Time

Run Day
time- 29 minutes
distance- approx. 3.?mi

Today I taught all day. It was the last day of school before Christmas break. I found out a student is not coming back after break at lunch. This meant that after school I had to write his report card. After school I also had to finish writing sub plans and preparing my classroom for the first week back from break, since I will still be in New Zealand. So I was at school until nearly 5:30pm when the kids (and a lot of the staff) left at two.
I had to run. I didn't yesterday because we were very busy after school and it was dark by the time we got home. I ate crap at school the past two days, as happens when people are in a festive mood and bringing in sweets. I tried to be good, and was for the most part, but some chocolate and cookies always sneak through the shields.
Anyway, I got out and ran right when I got home. This works best for me. I need to turn around and work out or I never will. If my ass finds the couch, so often all the energy drains out and any exertion beyond reaching for the remote seems to be too much. Better to get in the door, change in to shorts, and get back out the door. Worked for me today. Decent run, not blazing fast but not chugging. I think I negative split it, and I like that. It's not a big thing, and with a run only a half hour long I should negative split it because the first five or ten minutes are basically warm-up anyway. Still, feels good to come back at least as fast as I went out.
We leave tomorrow. It's very exciting. Fitness goal for the trip is to not be too worried about fitness on the trip. I'm going to find time for a few maintenance runs but I have a bad habit of feeling guilty if I don't regularly work out hard. Need to not do that, even though I'm pretty sure three weeks is the longest I've gone without a real workout in a long, long time.
Team Dirtbag's next post will either not be for three weeks or will be a mini-post from NZ. Happy holidays!

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