Sunday, December 5, 2010

Building the Engine

Run Day

time- 56 minutes
distance- 6.05mi
pace- 9.6mi/min

Today's goal was setting a nice easy pace and letting my legs move. Building base miles isn't about speed as much as it is about strengthening my engine and that's what today was about. And I think I accomplished that goal. I went just as far as I wanted to, I set a strong pace for myself but didn't go anaerobic at all, and my form felt good. I actually turned around at 27:45 because I expected a few minutes of fade on the way back, and that didn't happen. I finished at 56 minutes (my run plan was an hour).
I think I actually would have negative split it even stronger, but I stopped at the start of my block where the sidewalk starts and went barefoot for the end of the run. This slows me down, of course. But its great for my form and strengthens my feet. And its fun and feels good. Can't complain.

Team Dirtbag would also like to congratulate Obi Tri Kenobi, who completed the Sunsmart Ironman Western Australia Triathlon yesterday with a time of 10:33.07! His splits were 1:12.49 for a 2.4mi swim, 5:18.27 for a 112mi bike, and 3:54.22 for a 26.2mi run. The extra time is in T1 and T2. He finished 271st overall, 26th in his division. This is faster than his goal. Way to go, Obi Tri!

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  1. That sounds just like how I want to spend 10 hours on a saturday.