Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fading Down the Backstretch

Run Day

time- 50 minutes
distance- 5.27mi

Yesterday's run started out really good. I felt smooth, my stride was nice, and my pace was great.
Yeah, that kind of fell apart at the turn around. Normally on these longer runs (this was supposed to be 45 minutes) I plan on a little fade and make my turn around a minute or so early so even with the fade I get back home inside of my planned time. Not this time. This time I ran right up to 22:30 because I was trying to get to a certain spot and it was soooooo close at my normal turn around time. Plus, I wasn't feeling the eventual fade so bad at that point.
To be clear, the fade wasn't some horrible bonk. I just got slower on the way back than I planned on or wanted to. Contributing to that was going barefoot farther than I have before. BFR slows me down, but its not about speed. It's about form and enjoying a new kind of feeling. Until I get to the end of my run when I'm on the super-stabby asphalt on the street to my house, when its all about thinking about how this is toughening up my feet and trying to maintain good form while hurting.
Gotta get that base solid. I'm worried about not getting quality runs in while in New Zealand (not really worried, but you know) and losing some of what I've built before Honolulu Tri's training starts. Tomorrow might be my last American run for three weeks. Hope its a good one.

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