Monday, May 7, 2012

The Flat Wasn't Mine! (and THE AVENGERS!!!)

time- 3:00
distance- 34mi

First of all- This
What Awesome looks like

The Avengers came out Thursday at midnight. So, ok, it came out Friday. And I am a GIGANTIC nerd. As such, I jumped at the news that a local theater would be showing all the Marvel movies, save the Incredible Hulk, back-to-back as a run up to the midnight showing of The Avengers. For $35 I could not pass this up. So I left work at lunch (it was a meeting day for my grade level, I didn't bail on my kids) and hit the theater. Iron Man started at 2:15pm. Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain American happened. For my money, Cap is the best story of the series so far. And then the Movie You've Been Waiting For Since 2006- The Avengers! Amazing. So good, so much fun, everyone should go see it. It is everything wrong with Micheal Bay movies done right by the only man in Hollywood who could pull it off- Joss Whedon. I don't want to go on and on about it, but it kicks all the ass I hoped it would and then some. When you go, as you should, stay all the way until the credits completely finish. The final thing isn't a tease for a new movie, its just good fun. Trust Dirtbag.
Avengers got out at 2:45am.
So I started sitting in a theater at 2:15pm, and left at 2:45am. This is not the best way to train for anything except life-long virginity. I was freaking wiped. But I'm hardcore and I taught the next day on three hours sleep. Then spent Friday and Saturday catching up. It seems I am getting too mature (not old) to do a giant movie marathon like that and then be fine the next day. So Nick Fury ruined my Saturday run. And he kind of messed up my Sunday ride.
I didn't run on Saturday. I thought about it. I felt guilty that I didn't. I nearly pulled my shoes on once or twice. But then I would collapse back onto the couch and fall asleep again. I suck at running last week.
I did ride. Diesel wanted an early start, 6:30, and while that sounded like boiled suck I went along. Better to ride in a group, makes the miles go by faster and it helps push. Normally.
We got the base of Pupukea with me in the lead, which is always strange. Diesel was talking about how strongly I was riding right off the bat. Taking three days to rest probably played into that. But there was also another issue impacting his speed. His back tire was slowly flattening out. Right after the first big haripin he noticed the softness in his rear (tire).* So he stopped to deal with it and I went on. He'd change it and catch me before I reached the top anyway.
Somewhere along the way my energy level went from decent to basement and by the end of the climb I wanted nothing more than to go home. I felt awful, kind of sick, weird, off. I waited at the top for a minute or two and when Diesel didn't show I headed back down the hill, planning on passing him and letting him know I was going home. Never passed him. He was still at the bottom cursing at himself. Turns out he overinflated his spare tube when changing the tire, a rookie mistake he spent the next fifteen minutes kicking himself over. Personally, I was just glad it wasn't me with the flat for once. But because of the rims on his bike my spare tube was useless and he was SOL. We managed to get his tire reinflated enough to get us to Waimea Bay, where we parked and called the Grey, who had decided to sleep in, for a pick up. It was nice to chill at the beach and hang out for the thirty or so minutes it took the Grey to get to us. I could have bailed and finished my ride but I decided to hang because that sucks to just leave someone behind like that. This ain't Top Gear.
After the pick up I decided to short my ride and head home rather than get the extra mileage. I don't know why I was so out of it but I was, so I only did a little over 30 miles. Not good, especially with no run, but you know what? The Marvel Movie Marathon with geeky friends was completely worth it. No doubt.
And now for a bunch of pictures I took while at the theater. Yes, I dressed up like Batman. Why? Because Batman is a DC superhero and DC is the biggest competitor of Marvel and I wanted to try and pick a nerd-fight. Because it is fun to troll nerds.
Batman Vs Iron Man
Batman vs Cap
Batman lectures the God of Thunder
Batman helps Hulk with a smasher
Batman and Ethnically Diverse BatGirl

*Ok, that joke made me laugh in my head like this, "He he he he he."

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