Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Fistful of Workouts

Swim (Thursday)
1 x 200- Warm-up
1 x 1000
total- 1200yds

Ride (Thursday)
time- 1:59
distance- 26.38

Run (Saturday)
time- 2:15
distance- 10.85mi

Ride 1/2 (Sunday)
 time- 5:18
distance- 66mi

Busy week away from blogging for your favorite Dirtbag. Some good workouts in there though. 
The swim is not so much. The reason? I got in the water and then I started thinking about all the stuff I had to do in my classroom to finish the year, we only have a handful of days left, and I couldn't swim any more. I was in the water at around 5:30am, and I figured if I did a good 1000, then I could get out with little guilt and get some cleaning (read: throwing stuff away) done. So that's what I done did.
That afternoon I was feeling tired and didn't think a good ride was going to happen. Normally, I'd have hit Pineapple for two laps, but I really wasn't seeing that. So instead I went on base thinking I'd crank one lap of Kolekole and go home. Well, one went well and it became two. The second one I decided to really hard charge, I tried to break off a piece, and I got to the top hurting and burning and ready to bail. But halfway down the pain went away and some guilt crept in. "You know," my legs said, "You would normally be doing way more climbing than this. And it isn't that far up the hill. We could get another." So we got another, and it was the slowest of the bunch and then I went home. Still, good climbs. 
Saturday was the big run day of the week and it was hooooot. I'm only estimating, but I'm pretty sure it was about 1000*. I'd give the shade temp too, but there is no shade on my run. I embraced the suck, endured a high DSQ, and went out 5.25mi to an excellent view down Pineapple to the ocean.

Turned around, grabbed some Gummy Bears, and headed for home. Somewhere along this part of the run I started getting a light pain behind the big toe on my right foot. By the time I hit Dole it was screaming at me, so I stopped to check it out. No visible problems, I don't know what is going on, but I'm taking it easy from here on. So I walked for a while, then I would run, then I would walk. By the time I got home it was hurting pretty good and I'm still not sure what's up with it. I'm icing and taking it easy. Probably won't run this week at all just to be on the safe side. I'm hoping that I stepped on a sharp rock and bruised something. Otherwise, there might be lots of walking on the Big Island. 
Today's ride was pretty long. A friend new into triathlon had never ridden Pineapple and wanted to, and I was more than happy to take her. But I needed to get some for myself first. So it was meet the Grey at 6:30(ish) and head out to Pupukea and back, a lap that takes around two hours fifteen if you don't stop for a chat with Diesel, who was running up around the Pupukea trails. We had a good ride, pretty fast, we both pushed hard. And then it was back up Pineapple to Dole, where I told Friend Who Needs A Team Dirtbag Name But I Haven't Thought Of One Yet to meet me. The Grey peeled off and headed for home and she and I went for our own ride. It was nice for me because I got to cool it out for the most part. Sucks to bring a friend and then burn her down, so I hung back and chatted and generally enjoyed the ride. She hung like a champ and we went to Kaena Point. Beautiful out there.
 Then it was back past the airfield and conquering Pineapple once more. For her first time up she fought hard and never complained. I stayed with her, trying to talk to keep her focused. It was good for me because I'm normally in the small ring, light gears, trying to spin. But today I stayed in the big ring, still in the light gears because, I mean, come on, but heavier than I'm used to. So it was a nice climb for me. She was red in the face and pedaling hard and, I think, made it better than I did my first time. Then we came back to the house and had some Koa Pancake House, because we'd earned it.

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  1. Replies
    1. Yep, that looks like exactly what it is. The Grey suggested the same thing Sunday during our ride. Looks like I'm not running at least until the Honolulu. Can probably fight through for six miles of that race, and then we'll see. Honu taper might be lots of not running at all.

    2. Freaking sesamoids. Stupid bones. Ice massage lots, ibuprofen. Wear "real shoes" to give it some padding. You can even buy foam donuts to pad around the sesamoid to relieve some pressure and let it heal quicker.

    3. like these...your local drugstore or sporting goods store should have some. Or you can buy cheap insoles and cut out a hole where the sesamoid is.

  2. Good call on backing off. I was dealing with that a few months ago. Just took it easy, iced and Rocktaped it. Might want to give these a try. Helped make the runs manageable.

  3. When do we need to guess by? I get paid Thursday.

    1. Day before the race, so this Saturday. The odds are ever in your favor right now.

  4. Bummer about the toe. That must be painful. Hope it gets better by the Honolulu Tri and especially for the Honu.

  5. I don't own regular shoes anymore...but I'll check out all the links and ice and ibprofen and all that stuff. Hopefully I'll be all fixed up by Honolulu, or fixed up enough to have a good 10k, then more rest before Honu. Thanks for the well wishes and help.

  6. Doug... got a quick question for you. How bad is a SWOLF of 38?

    1. Kepa- I never used SWOLF as a swimmer growing up so honestly I don't know. It isn't a metric I'm used to. Someone else brought it up a while ago and I had to ask the Google what they were talking about. Sorry.