Friday, November 12, 2010

Early Bird Brick and BIKE NEWS!!!

Brick 500yds/30min

500yds- approx 7:30

30 minutes stationary

Easy morning workout today to get the muscles moving for any length of time once more before Sunday's race. Tomorrow is a simple 10 minute run and gear check. My swim felt nice, strong and smooth. This is good because I basically got in, swam 500 yards, and got out. So the swim was the warm-up. I don't know how much warm-up time there will be Sunday morning so its good to know I can swim that far that well cold. And I was cruising, could have pushed much harder. An easy 500 averaging 1:30/100yds isn't anything to crow about, but it does make Dirtbag happy about his swim.
The bike was a get out of the pool, throw on shorts, get on a stationary bike, watch SportsCenter and try to care about college football for 30 minutes. I don't know how far I went. I tried to keep my cadence around 80-90rpm, but that's all. Easy 'nuff.
On to bigger news.
I bought a bike today! Hooray! A Felt F1x, which is technically a cyclecross bike but it'll do. All that means is the tires are a little wider than ideal (not a biggie, they work and I can always buy new tires), and it has brake levers on the tops as well as on the drops as part of the shifter (the pictures will explain, and its something I'll get fixed right away).
I've look at a lot of bikes up to this point and this was the first one my instincts didn't run from. To be clear, I don't know much about bikes and that made me nervous about buying used. But used = affordable and all I really needed are a pair of wheels. But sitting on this one, having Stitches hold up the back tire while I push the pedals around and shift through the gears, play with the bells and whistles, it all felt pretty all right. Not perfect, but good.
It has a short list of fixes before its ridable. The brake pads are worn to nothing, so those need to be replaced, which shouldn't be much. And it needs the right kind of pedals. But Cycle Dirtbag is the man and is putting a pair of his in the mail soon, along with the corresponding clips. So I should be solid there. So, when the pedals come in I'll take it to my local bike shop, have them remove the extra brake levers, retape the bars (this will need to be done after removing the brake levers), put the new pedals on, and get me all sized up and fitted to it. If money comes in for Christmas and/or birthday I'll also buy myself a pair of clip-on aerobars that Island Tri & Bike can attach as well. This sounds like a lot but its really not and its all easy stuff.
I think I did well. I hope I did. Here are some pictures:

See what I mean about the extra brake levers in the center? Those will go bye-bye.

Cyclecross pedals are no good to me. Go Cycle Dirtbag!

Mmmm, comfy.

Yeah, that's a tail light. That'll go.

I have to admit to loving the color scheme. It's pretty badass looking. I think I may name it Kratos. Why? Because he's the God of War. Kratos will strike fear into the hearts of the other triathletes (in my head):
No one is angrier than Kratos.

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  1. Mmm... cross bike = tasty. If this is your only bike for tris then I guess it's okay to pull off the tops' brake levers but if you can land another bike, you should let this cross monster be.

    Of course, ditch the platform pedals (which aren't cross pedals, to be honest) and the brake light for sure, and be sure the fit is absolutely perfect.

    Pick up some mountain SPDs and leave the tops' levers and you have a killer monstercross bike;

    But if you're going to make work of this as a tri setup, be absolutely sure your saddle height is correct and that your saddle-to-bar drop is as deep as your flexibility allows: these things enhance your aero potential at minimal comfort sacrifice.

    Also, dunno what kind of pedals you're getting, but practice transitions with pedals on the bike before you dare try it in a race.