Friday, November 5, 2010

Cap Fail

Swim Day

1 x 150 Warm-up
3 x 200 Pull 3:15
4 x 300 4:30
1 x 150 Cool down

Cap fail at 5am today. I went to pull my cap on next to the pool and riiip. Damn. Damn damn. I threw a micro-tantrum (3-5 seconds, soundless, kicking the air and stomping my foot) then checked my ponytail in its double rubber bands and got in the water anyway. I used to pack a spare in my bag but stopped bringing it a few weeks ago. Guess I won't be doing that again. The hair really wasn't a problem. There was no swim, breathe, choke on hair, drown. It was more that I had to tighten my goggles to fit better and that's pretty much it. Dirtbag encounters minor controversy and perseveres!
The swim actually felt good this morning. Made all the times with very little trouble, was able to push at a decent level, felt strong. My stroke still isn't great. I'm not finishing past my hip like I should be, but it's kind of late to fix that before the race. Its something I'm making a note of, trying to stay on it, and will focus more on later.
Feeling good. The foot didn't hurt at all during the run, didn't hurt during my rest day...and now its sore. D'oh! Guess that's what I get for not icing post-run. Looking forward to my next race and starting to look ahead. And wishing a bike would show up on craigslist.

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  1. I really didn't get the chance to share my frustration when you texted me this morning. I've definitely had mornings like that - I think I broke three caps in one practice? Insane! We should totally get you some personalized caps :-) Can you send me the logo you've been using and I'll look into it?

    Keep it up!! I don't comment as much as I should but I'm really excited for you!