Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Brilliant Plan, Getting My Ass Kicked, & Shopping Bonus

Super Quick Vacation Dirtbag Update

I'm in Seattle, WA visiting the wife's family for Thanksgiving, but does that prevent the Dirtbag from getting some sweat going? Hell no! First, I had a brilliant plan. That plan? To swim the morning of our flight to Seattle. You see, my friends, We flew from Hawaii Wednesday night, red-eye, to Utah. From Utah we flew to Seattle. This is because Delta thinks Salt Lake is on the way to SeaTac. So I woke up early to get a swim in, had a good swim, the details of which I am not disclosing because I don't have my sheet with me and I can't remember exactly what my set was. I do remember that it was pretty hard, about 2050yds (maybe a little more), and I felt positive about it afterwards. My thinking was that getting up early, swimming, then teaching all day would help me sleep on the overnight flight.
OR it would just make me really, really, really sleepy but still unable to sleep because I am unable to get any real sleep on planes. So that was a small fail. But the flight was good at least.
Stitches' father, my father-in-law (how long before that stops sounding strange?), had been very excited we were coming not only because it meant he got to see his daughter (and favorite son-in-law), but also because said son-in-law is athletic and is willing to play raquetball with him. He's been playing for a while, I played a few times in college. And by played I mean Dirtbag Best Friend and I would go to the courts, make up what we were pretty sure were the rules, and then smack the crap out of the ball and sometimes eachother. Experience goes to the father-in-law. So does skill. And all three games we played. But by the end I at least was kind of keeping up. And I beat my brother-in-law a bunch of times solidly. It was fun. Wish 24HR Fitness had courts. Would be a fun off day training thing. I did manage to accidently tag him with the ball twice. So there's that...
And lastly today we got to go to one of my favorite places in the world. REI! This store is the awesome. It has everything. If we had one in Hawaii I'd be so happy. I'd also be so broke. We went specifically so I could get a new pair of Vibram FiveFingers. My KSOs are fine, I want another pair. I wanted to try on the TrekSports and the Bilikas. They did not have Bilikas, but the TrekSports were in stock and in black (Dirtbag Tough Guy Happy Dance + Batman Moment "Does it come in black?"). I met a guy at my last tri wearing the TrekSports who said he loved them. They have a little grip on the bottom, different from the KSO, and would have been great for the off-road course of the Haleiwa tri's run. They will also be great for hiking in New Zealand next month. Very exciting!
As an added bonus I got lucky wandering through the clearance section of the men's athletic gear. There, sitting quietly on the rack next to marked down tri tops, was a tri suit. I've been looking at these but haven't bought because a)they are more expensive and b)its easier to pee in a two piece. But I want one because they look cool and I'm a sucker like that. The price on the tage was $120, marked down to $35!!! That's right, that gets three exclamation points! Score. Mine. Thank you.
So now I have new tri gear for the new year. Next step, fixing Kratos up. Happy Thanksgiving!

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