Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Seuss' Excuses

Dr. Seuss' birthday is coming up this weekend and I thought it would be fun to write a silly little poem about all the reasons I don't want to workout to celebrate. I got a friend of mine, Kim Matsumoto, to draw a few illustrations, and send it off to to see if it is something that they'd like. Turned out they would.
So here's my little homage to Dr. Seuss.

(I'm posting it here, but please click on the link too! Hits are important)

Seuss' Excuses

Training is out of the question today
There is nothing you can do or say
To make me gear up, put on my shoes
I’ve got those so tired training blues
Besides, my knee doesn’t feel quite right
I think my goggles are much too tight
My tubes are flat, I have no spare
I lost the pump I use for air
My cleats won’t clip, they slip and slide
There’s just no way that I can ride
The roads are wet, it looks like rain
I may fall and hurt my brain 
My hammy’s strained, it kinda hurts
To get off the couch might make it worse
I’d go swim, but the pool is cold
I think my cap is growing mold
The sun is setting, I don’t run at night
I really have given up the fight
The smell of my shorts sure packs a clout
Just a whiff would knock you out
My tummy felt kind of weird all day
Running GI distress is not ok
Yesterday I tripped and stubbed my toe
It’s swollen, blue, it has laid me low
My chain is dry, it says groan and squeak
Oh darn, the bike shop’s closed this week
When I washed my jersey, I washed my Gu’s
My Roctane, Shot Blocks, and my Chews
My ankle’s sore, my back’s messed up
My running dog is just a pup
My training partner goes yak yak yak
He talks and talks and talks some smack
The sun is out, it’s blazing hot
Such delicate skin can burn a lot
My Garmin’s charge is nearly spent
I won’t know how far I went
I’ve never seen this TV show
Just one more YouTube video
Macca says getting rest is a must
Joe Friel too, in him I Trust
Oh no, my race is only days away
Better get on those shoes and get on my way!


  1. Very good.... I think you should stay home today, I think you should just play, Or better yet- I think you should, take Roland out, and let Mommy rest today.

  2. I love love love it. I have read many articles you have written for and they were really good, but this made me visit and follow your blog. Well done!

    1. Thank you very much! I really appreciate that.