Monday, February 18, 2013

Cramps and the Weather

Saturday morning I went out for a run. That lasted about a mile and a half. Then the small maybe knot in my calf I had been feeling became a full-blown giant ball bearing ruining my ability to run at all. I stopped and stretched and walked and stretched and nothing worked. I had to walk all the way back home, cutting my run distance as short as I could. I was out for just over forty minutes so that's something. But still.
To recap-

And yesterday The Grey, Diesel, and I planned a ride that Mother Nature ruined. Crazy high winds made the thought of being out there scary. Basically, if you went out on a bike you were asking to become a kite. We even had Forrest Gump's sideways rain. Same thing this morning.
**EDIT** I made it our for a 22 mile ride this afternoon! Yay! Baby boy was having a good day, Super Awesome Wife was up, and the weather was clear. Woohoo! It was brutal windy, not dangerous but not fun. There were a few points on the way up where a gust would kick up and I barely moved an inch for a moment. It was slow, it wasn't great, but it was a ride. That's important.
Was not a good workout weekend for the Dirtbag. I did get a swim in Thursday morning that was pretty good, and a ride Wednesday that wasn't awful.
Looking ahead to my race schedule, I am not confident in my training. These are going to be slow ass races. Warrior Dash is Saturday, and that should be fun. The boys and I are relaying the Haleiwa Tri and even out of shape I can nail down a decent 500m open water swim. And I want to register for Lanikai Sprint as a tune up for the Honolulu Olympic, since I haven't put together an entire tri since the Honu. Trying hard not to be too frustrated about my workout attitude and my ability to get out there. I'm getting better.

ALSO- Ultrarunner, friend, and former editor Vanessa Runs just wrote a book called The Summit Seeker. It's on amazon right now as a Kindle download and will soon be out as a physical book. You should pick it up. I'll write a review as soon as I get a hardcopy since Kindle I do not have. Support runners who write!

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