Monday, February 11, 2013

Bi-Biathlon Race Report (Get it?)

You get a double race report because by the time I rememebered  hadn't written a report for the first race the second was nearly upon me and I thought a bi-biathlon race report sounded funny.
Magic Island Biathlon
On January 13th I did the Magic Island Biathlon. This was the second of three Biathlons the Waikiki Swim Club puts on. The first was the one I did the day Dirtbag Baby was born. Between that Christmas race and the Magic Island Biathlon I had worked out exactly not very much at all. Been busy doing other things like learning about the brand new tiny human living in my house. As I expected, working out got very difficult. Emotionally, I was in a completely different place, mentally I had no urge to work out, and physically I didn't have it. The Fat Dad Triumvirate. Emotionally I was beginning to fray, and I think a lot of that had to do with being as sedentary as I was. I need to move to stay mentally sharp. But, leading up to this race I hadn't been.
We are talking HUGE New Dad Adjusted Expectations.  I don't think I'd run very many times coming into the race and I'd swum even less. So on the drive to the race all I could think was, "Go out, have fun, don't stress." My mom and step-dad were on island to see their new grandson, so they came to the race. Back when I was a swimmer they might have missed one meet ever. So that I've been racing and they haven't been able to be there has always bothered the both of them, especially mom. You know how moms are. It was cool that they were going to come watch me race, even if "race" was a term used loosely. Baby and Super Awesome Wife were still getting into a sleeping groove and we decided it was better not to wake him and move him so early this time.
One of the best parts about racing in Hawaii is that it is a small community. I've made a bunch of friends based solely on, "Hey, I see you at every single event I do. We should speak to each other." So it was cool to see Team Bloody Mary, Barefoot Wendy, and a few other people. All of them were disappointed I didn't bring the baby. Oh yeah, I'm not interesting anymore.
Funny thing about this biathlon- I forgot to get completely undressed before the start. You see, dear reader, in a run/swim biathlon I choose to run in my VFFs, swim suit, visor, and glasses. Who needs anything else? I tuck my goggles and cap into my suit and off I go. But right before the race I was talking to my mom and Ann, Team Bloody Mary's runner, and forgot to divest myself of my cut-off t-shirt. So I had to run in a shirt. Not a big deal, when I train I run in a shirt (but I feel bad for all the people who missed out on me running bare chested through the park *Dirtbag Ego In Full Effect*), but it bothered me that I had forgotten. Didn't slow me down, I'm slow enough already. Just added a step when I was heading into transition. There isn't much else to say about the run. I started out a little too quick, faded hard by halfway through mile two, and trotted into transition.
The swim actually didn't feel awful, but it was by no means fast. My body position was rubbish and my triceps were killing me. Plus, it had been overcast so the water was much colder than I expected. Hard to get the blood from your legs into your arms and shoulders when the vessels are so constricted. At least the sun wasn't right in my eyes on the way back, made sighting easier.
Run- 30:04
Swim- 20:42
Total- 50:46
Age Group- 12/14
Overall- 76/144
Achievement Unlocked: Affix cap while running

Note Stupid Shirt

Swim until you can't then run through the shallow

The two behind me didn't know this was still a race

Valentines Biathlon

I trained much more for this one than for the Magic Island Bi. Baby routine has begun to set in and I've found time to get out on the road and in the pool. I'm still not training with the verve and energy I prefer, but at least I'm training. This race was exactly the same as the previous two biathlons, and that makes focus during training easier.
For this race Super Awesome Wife and Dirtbag Baby did make it out and he was a trooper. Such a good boy. No fussing in the morning getting him ready, or in the car on the way down to the race. Into the Ergo with mom while I got ready and registered and body marked and chipped. By the time I found them again my friends had also found them. I talked The Grey into coming out for this one, and Carrot signed up for this too. Plus Team Bloody Mary and Barefoot Wendy that made for a good-sized group of friends to race with.
Strategy for this race was simple- The Grey will put a bunch of minutes into me on the run. I need to be sure he doesn't get too far ahead and I should be able to reel him in on the swim. That's it. That's the whole plan.
To go over the race would be to rehash almost word for word what I wrote above so I'll just say I felt stronger but not strong on the run. Saw another friend I didn't know was doing it. Still ran out of gas, but later. Remembered to take my shirt off before I started. Had a good hat off/ cap and goggles on transition as I was running up to the beach.
My swim felt the best it had over the three races. It still isn't near where I want it to be, but body position wasn't as rubbish, I managed to keep a high elbow better, a good reach and glide, and I kicked more. Also, this race was much bigger than the Magic Island Biathlon and much much bigger than the Christmas Biathlon. That means that while more people beat me into the water, I got to swim past more people too. I love swimming past people. I really did spend this whole swim going from feet to feet, picking out a person and swimming to them.
It was a beautiful, clear morning so seeing was great on the way out. A run/swim biathlon swim like this is broken into four parts- Pain of Warm-up, Getting Solid, Kicking Into Gear, Being Blinded By Glare and Trying to Pump. We swam back directly into the rising sun, making it nearly impossible to sight the exit. I know I zigged and zagged more than I should have, probably adding a few minutes and meters. That makes it hard to think ahead about the race because I don't know how far I am from the finish. So should I really start kicking it in now or am I still too far from the beach? Can't tell.
On the way back I did start to think, "I wonder if I've caught The Grey yet?" Just them I poked my head up to sight and there he was,, silver hair glinting in the sun. So I shouted at him, sent a splash his way, then took off. Later he said (read: made the excuse that) his goggles broke before he got in the water so he had to do the whole thing breaststroke so as not to lose his contacts. Awfully convenient, I say.
Anyway, I had a better race, but not a great race. It was very cool to finish and kiss the wife and baby right away. He remained an excellent baby the whole time and got handed around to all the Dirtbag Friends who wanted to hold him for a few minutes.
Many much thanks to Dirtbag Sponsor Background Profiles. Check 'em out.  
Run- 28:33
Swim- 19:24
Total- 47:58
Age Group- 11/13
Overall- 70/153*

Charging hard in the green cap

The Grey, Dirtbag, and Carrots Finish Proud
But I must make a face!
Now we all must make a face (especially The Grey)

Pretty day

Look at all the people
Gennah was there too!
He won came in first in Most Adorable

Dad, you're all wet!

The Grey takes third place in his age group

Ann of Team Bloody Mary lovin' the baby

The Grey and The baby
Was supposed to get a shot glass for doing all three, but they ran out so I got a wine glass instead
*I know that number doesn't seem much bigger but it doesn't take relays into account, and there were a lot of relay teams. Trust me, it was bigger.**

**That's what he said


  1. Thanks for NOT mentioning there were only 4 guys in my age group!

  2. I ran next to you and eventually [just barely] passed you on the run from about the Pond to the ocean side of Magic Island. I so should have said "hi" -- I was the wahine in the running skirt and bright red top.

    1. Hi, Carrie! Thanks for qualifying that with "just barely", my fragile male ego can only take so much. ;)
      I'm doing the Haleiwa at the beginning of March, if you're there say hi. I've met a ton of nice people through the blog.