Thursday, April 19, 2012

Das Burnout

Think I hit a wall this week. Every day after school I lay down on a student desk and contemplate the ceiling fan. Pretty sure that means it's time for a small break. Which is why there has been no Dirtbag updates. Ok, I guess there was one Tuesday, because I had a halfway decent run, but there won't be one for yesterday and this is today's. Tomorrow I'm thinking I might ride to the pool and do a mile just to get something done and not be a complete bum.

Blarg is a funny word

I like puns


  1. Yup, take a break buddy. you need and deserve it. Lots on your plate.

  2. They say that this is the time you actually get stronger. You know, recovery and all that stuff. Hey, I should lay off all spring, by summer I will like Thor or something!

  3. I feel your pain, DB! For me, the last 2 weeks have been "crash and burned"-out! Between the crashing my MTB a week before NS Marathon, and a severe toe stub on an trail run Thursday, I'm taking your advice this weekend and sitting still in a soft room!