Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Getting Back in Step

Run Day (Sunday)
Distance- slip going up steps, bang the crap out of left knee, limp around for fifteen minutes waiting for it to stop hurting, not cry like a little girl
time- 15 minutes

Swim Day (Monday)
1 x 150- Warm-up
5 x 100- 1:30
3 x 50- Sideline kick
1 x 500
1 x 400
1 x 300
1 x 200
1 x 100- Cool down
total- 2300 yards

Run Day (Tuesday)
time- 31 minutes
distance- approx. 3.5mi

I am not, as of yet, trying terribly hard. I'm at the very beginning of rebuilding my base fitness. I wish very much that I could be working harder, especially in the water. But the fact is, and I promise to stop harping on this soon, the month off took a toll on my fitness level. So there are not man gears for me to go to right now. Frustrating, but I understand it. At least there should be plenty of growth in the coming month. That's always one of the more fun parts of a training cycle.
As an experiment, inspired by both the Super Awesome Wife and by The Fit Life, we have decided to go 90% vegetarian. I have been wanting to try this for a while now, and the wanting was brought on months ago by The Fit Life's own vegetarian journey. Also, because of triathlon my weight is something I've been thinking about. I know I'm not over-weight and I'm not going to say anything that's going to make you, my dear readers, roll your eyes. But looking around that the guys taking the podium and the guys ripping by me...they have a different body type. They are skinny dudes. I know my body, I'm not built to be skinny. But I could be lighter. And lighter, on the bike and on the run, will be faster.
We also want to be healthier, and going 90% vegetarian will go a long way towards that. Not that we weren't being healthy, the Super Awesome Wife is great at healthy food. But we decided we could be more healthy. And she wanted to try out eating like this too.
Now, there is no way we would go all the way vegetarian. For two reasons: 1) Meat is yummy and we don't feel like being super-intense about a specialized diet and 2) Bacon. Go ahead, tell my wife she can't have bacon any more. I dare you.
I probably won't be doing too much documenting of what we are eating, but she will. So if you're interested in checking out the vegetarian (and nearly, mostly, pretty much vegetarian) meals being whipped up at Dirtbag Manor, link on over to Angela's Teeny Tiny Kitchen and read away. On my end I'll probably bring it up every once in a while, especially if I'm feeling energy changes or effects to my workouts.


  1. Just make sure you're getting your protein, probably like 100g a day would do you. Shakes, tofu, beans and rice, cheese...if you start feeling fatigued or craving a good steak, probably means you need to up your intake.

  2. Tofu, rice, and beans are all going to be big parts of the diet I think. I'm going to be watching my body with interest.