Thursday, July 21, 2011

Registration Frenzy!!!

After a brief stint on the mainland (not working out), Dirtbag Fitness is back on the island and gearing up for our (my) second year of competition.
First, I'm taking on the third and fourth races in the North Shore Swim Series (NSSS). I would have liked to do all four races but the first went off the day we left for the mainland and the second happened while we were gone. Which means, no complete series for me. Too bad, I think I could have done well. Well, my swim ego, The Tattooed Wake, thinks I could have done well. (What? You don't have an event-specific nickname for your nickname?)
Which means in nine days I'll be taking on the 1.6 mile Chun's to Waimea swim. To clarify, I haven't worked out in any significant manner at all since my Firecracker Sprint on June 26th. This is an example of what is called Possibly Misplaced Faith in My Ability to Retain Endurance Swimming Fitness (PMFMARESF...the name may need work). I know I can swim 1.6 miles right now. I am fit enough for that. My stroke is strong and smooth and can get me through. How fast I can finish, that's a different story. There will be modified goal setting going on.
The second event I'm signed up for is NSSS race four, the North Shore Challenge. This 2.3 miles swim is sure to hurt, even if I was completely prepared, which I probably won't be, even by August 13th. I'll be in better shape than I will be for Chun's, but who knows how much better. I'll be prepared, I'll make it hurt, I'll succeed in enhancing my suffering threshold for maximum speed. Get some, go again.
The third event I'm in for is one I'm most excited about. It is the Ko'Olina Sprint Triathlon. If that sounds familiar that means you are one of the few, the proud, the followers who have been with Dirtbag Fitness since the beginning. This was my very first race and the reason I continue to spend money I should be saving doing things early Sunday's most people think is silly. It will be very cool to compare that time to this on and see just how far I've come. I think the bike is the same distance, though I'm not sure. Looking back at my race report I didn't record distances. This year's is reported to be 26k, which will make it one of my longer bike portions. Good thing I'm Dirtbag Fit. Also, I plan on doing a century in September, so 16 miles should be even more of a spin around the block than it is now.
So Dirtbag Fitness hits the ground running for the new school year. Huh, nine days to race time. I need to get in the pool!


  1. Very cool! Didn't know you were such a studly swimmer!

  2. Ko Olina Triathlon 2010
    Swim 1500 Meters, Bike 13 Miles, Run 3.1 Miles

    So bike is longer this year.

    Google Master.

  3. "This was my very first race and the reason I continue to spend money I should be saving doing things early Sunday's most people think is silly."

    This, I can connect with. Round 2 of the Broadway Bikes Rec Tri is coming September 11 and I'm stoked.

    Nothing is as nice as dropping coin on a season of racing! I look forward to hearing about the suffering in that first 1.6. Keep us posted Dirtbag.