Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Simple Ride

Bike Day
time - 53 minutes
distance- 19mi

One week of training in the bag. Today's ride was a good measure of how things are coming along. Even though it was no faster than last week's ride, which was exactly the same distance and course, it felt better. My legs weren't trembling when I got off the bike and my heart wasn't BA-BOOM BA-BOOMing for much of it. There was little pushing or racing, I'm still getting back in to the rhythm of things, but I felt stronger. Which is an important first step.
I also spent much of the ride with a major stitch in my ribs all up and down the right side. Quite the pain. I stretched and sat as upright as I could trying to work it out and though it would fade it never went away. I'm counting that as a suffer-training session and a mental toughness workout. Albeit a small one, but still. Progress is progress. Get some, go again.
Friday I shall rest, and Saturday I shall spent 40-50 minutes trying to remember I'm not racing, I'm only getting some open water practice in...that I paid for...with a bunch of other people.


  1. Enjoy!(yeah I know who am I to tell you that! LOL)

  2. Thou art a fellow blogger and (more importantly) triathlon enthusiast! Thanks for the well wishes.