Friday, March 22, 2013

So Much the Kicking

Masters Swimming

Working out comes few and far between right now for various reasons, so it is nice to have a swim team which a set time and day. That helps me plan. I got a ride in over the weekend but I haven't done much running recently.
I did register for the Lanikai Triathlon yesterday, coming up on April 21st. I did that so I have something closer than the Honolulu Tri to look forward to, and because I haven't done a full tri since the Honu. That's a long time. It probably won't be a fast race, but it could be a fun race if I have the right mindset. And mindset it all I've got right now, so let's hope that will do.
Yesterday's Masters swim wasn't nearly as full as last Monday's, and that is good. I hate squeezing on to the wall, not having much space. Thursdays aren't as tough as Mondays from what I can tell either. Yesterday certainly wasn't. I guess every workout is as hard as you make it, and I could have worked harder last night, but I was feeling it.
We did a bunch of kick-focused sets. This is both good and bad. It's good because I don't like kick-focused sets and I barely do them on my own. It's bad because as a triathlete I rarely kick when I'm swimming, so I don't need too many of these kinds of days. I'm not saying kick-centric days are bad. I just hope we don't do too many of them.
I felt ok. Focus wavered there for a while. Arms and shoulders were giving out near the end. I'm still not really fit enough to go hard out for the entire 3-3.5k that we normally work out for.
That's it going on in DirtbagLand right now. Busy being daddy, trying to get some writing done for other things. Feeling kind of spread out right now, and having a hard time finding solace in training like I used to. It'll come back.


  1. I have been considering the Lanikai Triathlon. I am not training for anything in particular. In fact, I haven't planned anything for the year. Well, if I sign up I'll see you there.