Tuesday, March 26, 2013

All Things Being Equal

There. As long as we're all clear on where I stand.
Today I got out for a ride. I only went 15 miles but i have a very good reason for that. There was a bulldozer in my way. Yep, as I was preparing to climb Kolekole I got to the base of the road and they were doing construction. There was a bulldozer right smack in the middle of the road. I am not riding around a bulldozer.
It was a decent ride. My Lanikai tri is not going to be fast, that's for sure. I also got a run in Saturday or maybe Sunday, I can't remember now. Three and a half miles, pretty slow and steady. I'm getting out when I can.
Super Awesome Wife and I registered for another relay biathlon that I'm pretty excited about. This one is the Dash and Splash in Kailua on April 28th. Should be fun. I emailed the event organizer and they said strollers are welcome so Dirtbag Baby will also be competing. It'll be his second outside baby event, this weekend we are doing the Looney Lagoon 5mi Fun Run with my dad and his wife. They come out Saturday and the race is Sunday. Funny story about that, I thought it was a 5k. Because when you see a race distance with a 5 in it you automatically fill in k. Who designs a five miles race? That's not a real distance. I sold Dad and Bev on it being a 5k. Whoops. Oh well, should still be fun.
I haven't thanked my sponsor in a while and truly they are the reason I get to sign up for so many of these things. Much thanks goes out to Background Profiles. Much congratulations too on your newest addition to the company. 

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