Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm Internet Famous!

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About two weeks ago I posted a YouTube video that I made in this space. The video was created out of frustration with the lack of respect Hawaii's teachers are being shown by Gov. Abercrombie. The short short version is we have been teaching without a contract for a year and a half, he continues to offer us deal which are regressive at best. The problem is because he is making offers it looks like teachers are being greedy when we turn them down and when mediation breaks down, when in fact we are saying no to offers any sane group would laugh at.
Still, public opinion has swung hard against us recently and I wanted to try and inform people of the teachers' side through an open letter to the governor. So I spent a few days drafting one and then put it out there. As of today that video is sitting at 1,800 views. Which is crazy, since I was hoping for about 1,700 less than that and had decided after it started getting popular that I'd be happy with 1,000.
A big part of why the video continues to spread is social media. I tweeted and Facebooked that thing at every single person I could think of, including local news media in all forms. Well, KHNL Hawaii News Now picked it up. I talked a few times with a producer there who loved the story and pushed in the newsroom for some coverage. I made it very clear this was not about announcing a strike but announcing my willingness to strike and giving clear, thought out reasons why. If it comes to that public support will be paramount, and this seemed like a great way to start building that. Also, some teachers are feeling the same way I am but not willing to make the sacrifice a strike would call for, so I wanted to try and help them understand this isn't going to be a want, it is going to be a need.
I thought the story came out well and this is my space, so here it is.
Teachers question Governor over lack of contract - Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL
Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL

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